The life of couples with small kids - love, sleep & laughter

Workshop, 10 November, 2019 at 10:00-13:30, Turning Point

Do you sometimes feel like life as a couple with small kids is a roller-coaster?
And just when you manage to get things under control, see a good routine, and feel some sort of normalcy, something happens and you are in sh.. storm again?

Social isolation, lack of sleep, differences in parenting styles, not feeling great about yourself, tension, arguments, sacrifices, there never seems to be time for you, let alone time and energy for you as a couple... Does that sound familiar?

If YES, we have just the event for you - a few hours to breathe in peace, to share with fellow parents, who are going through the same, a few hours to get hands-on tips about how to manage couples' life and sleep routines so you can go to bed feeling happier and sleep better!

At the end of this event, you will:
- know how to manage tension and arguments in your relationship
- align your parenting styles so you can become a strong, united parents team
- have routines, which make time for you and put you as a priority when needed
- be inspired to boost the intimacy and connect with your spouse so you can be not just parents but a happy couple
- understand better what healthy sleep is
- learn how to put in place healthy sleep routines for your family and get your little ones to sleep better
- create your own strategy to make your life easier and more enjoyable as parents of small kids

Tip: The event is on Father's Day so you might also get this as a present for dad and send him to us! We will equip him with practical tips how to make your kids sleep well and make you happy! Happy wife, happy life, right?

Your Hosts:
Courtney Landin is a Family Health Coach focusing on training, nutrition, and sleep to help families feel their best. Sleep is a corner stone to health and helping parents understand and improve their baby's sleep is an important focus to improve family life. A happy sleeping family is a healthy family!

Polya Rosin is Sweden's #1 Relationship Strategist, helping couples to build deeper connection, have more intimacy and be a strong, united parents team. Polya is a Robbins-Madanes trained coach with 7+ years of experience in health and relationships. She is a mum of 3 kids, expat and entrepreneur.

Tickets: 490 SEK

The ticket includes handouts, coffee, tea and refreshments.

Get your ticket via SWISH to 123 264 1686 or bank transfer to BG 196-5383

There are limited places available so please get your ticket now to secure your spot, and latest by 8 November 2019.

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