Family Constellations Workshop

”Money – Rich on the Inside” Workshop and Constellations
Lecture/Workshop:”Money – Rich on the Inside” Michael will hold a lecture with a Shamanistic approach. He may also introduce one or more exercises.

Date: 28/2/19
Time: 18-21
Max participants: 30
Your investment: 350 kr (Swish or deposit in bankgiro)
Register: 070-741 04 02 or, by 24/2-20.

Constellations (see description below)

Date: 29/2/19 & 1/3/19 
Time: 10-16 (You can choose which day or both)
Max participants: 8 Clients and Representatives max 20/day
Your investment: Client 1800 kr second day free, Representative 500 kr/day or 800 for 2 days (Swish or deposit in bankgiro)
Register: 070-741 04 02 or, by 24/2

Constellations are a way of seeing and resolving tensions in a system. It can have a very healing power. The constellation can be about a family system, a job-related system or another character. We have been bound to our family for generations. It influences our view of the world, our emotions, choices in life, relationships and actions. Setting up a family constellation clarifies "invisible" bonds and transfers between members of the family system. The effect is often a redeeming understanding of the family's hidden dynamics that leads to a more loving attitude and power to change negative life patterns.

Client: is the person who wants to set up their constellation/problem on the floor and then sets out to observe what is happening, with the representatives that the client has set up, for the system and can then get an understanding of what tension lies in the system. The client will also see the possibility of resolution of the problem. At the end, the client can then be called in to feel the power of the solution himself.

Representative: is the person or problem that the client wants to include in their constellation. A representative is asked if they can stand for example, mom, dad, the boss. Rep. follows his intuition and feelings. The constellation is there and "holds" everything that appears on the floor.

Location: Birkagården, Karlbergsvägen 86 B, 4 tr. There is a kitchen and there are also restaurants nearby. We offer coffee/tea.

Last day of registration: February 24 via sms, mail or Facebook. Write your name and the days you want to participate. Workshop/Lecture, Client or Representative. Registration is binding and cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the event. Cancellation later than 24 hours will be charged at full cost.

Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

The workshop is held in English. Michael also understands/speaks Swedish.
You are so warmly welcomed, and you are free to share with others.

Hope to see you there!

Annelie Djerf 070-741 04 02, Swish or deposit in Bankgiro
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